E3 2014
posted 06-23-2014 at 06:00 am

 So here we are! Another e3 come and gone. Microsoft back on their feet from what was the most expensive public spanking in history trying to win back their audience, Sony doing it's best to keep the people it won over, and Nintendo ignoring all of that and just being it's fun self.

If I had to pick a "winner" it'd have to go to Sony. Microsoft did well, but they didn't showcase much that wasn't on multiple platforms and weren't sequels. Sunset Overdrive looks fantastic, but it's not something I'm going to buy a system over. It's a system if you want games where you shoot things, and they certainly tended to that audience, but it's not much we haven't seen again and again already. If that's your cup of tea, then you've got good times ahead!

Sony just had a wealth new games, exclusives, and new IPs everywhere as well as Playstation TV coming to the states, which I'm very excited for. Playstation 4 games on multiple sets as well as a way to play vita games without investing in the handheld will get that a lot of use in our house. And grim fandango. There was a lot to be excited about from Sony.

Amongs these strong presentations where all this money was invested in the biggest show for the press and investors, you have quiet Nintendo releasing content on youtube. While Sony and Microsoft were beating their chests, you had quiet, polite, japanese fellows just showing things that were meant to be fun and different from their competitors. Nintendo can't compete with Sony and Microsoft, and they all know it, so Nintendo doesn't even seem to be bothering anymore. If you want big budget games where things go boom? Microsoft and Sony will beat each other for your dollars. If you want dinosaurs made out of yarn, witch ladies that wear their own hair, and pink blobs made out of clay that surf on rainbows? Hoo boy has Nintendo got you covered.

Overall it was good show. Things seem to be looking up everywhere, and it gave me lots of jokes to make here, so that ought to be a good time. See you friday for a muuuch smaller comic. Which I sorely need after this behemoth.