Hey, everyone!

I enjoy making the comic, and I like to assume you enjoy reading it. The problem with that is this comic takes a lot of time and effort to make, and it doesn’t exactly pay the bills as much as I’d like… yet. I’m trying to run the comic full time, and it’d be a lot easier with your help! How? Starting this month and every month afterwards, I’m selling desktops and prints.

It works like this:

  • Every month or so, I’ll put up a new desktop like the lovely preview you see above. If that’s something that strikes your fancy, you can donate any amount to get it as a desktop!
  • Donate 15 dollars or more, and I’ll send you a print of the desktop in question! (specify if you’d like it signed please!)
  • When the new desktop goes up, the previous one will go away. Never to be printed again, but available for free as a desktop.

Sound good?